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In 2004, designer Massimo Luca conceived the ADL project, with the aim of creating technologically advanced products that are also interior architectural elements. His experience in the field of design, combined with his way of thinking, which looks towards the future, determined the direction of the company. ADL focuses on creating doors that are not simply furnishing items, but which complete a room by becoming part of it.

ADL doors stand out because they transform into doorways that sub-divide rather than divide spaces, at the same time connecting them, creating what Ludwig Mies van der Rohe defined as “flowing spaces”.

Atreo wood leg presents a solid wood insert in Light Oak finish. This version of meeting tables recalls a home furniture environment.
Brilliantly successful beginnings have led the alf group to make continuous research for quality its mission. new products reflect changes in lifestyles and contemporary trends.

The Alf Group dates back to the 1950s. A group of highly skilled, experienced italian craftsmen founded a co-op located in francenigo (treviso) to mass produce wooden furniture. in just a few years alf became an important industry in the woodworking market, propelling the piovesana brothers to buy the company and invest additional resources. Their efforts quickly yielded results.

Antonio Lupi work every day with passion so the bathroom in the future home becomes a space for experience. A tailored space, tailored to body and soul, because man is the center of all our projects. An expansion policy that looks forward to major international projects. The contract sector is an important opportunity for the company, both for the extent of the range and proposals, as for the ability to communicate with the designers from the early stages of the project. Within larger projects antoniolupi can ensure service in addition to quality, customization and promising lead times.

These Italian glass lamps are made of delicious Murano glass and silk and serve as an element of decoration in the royal chambers, aristocratic residences, halls of fashionable hotels and other locations of a representative level. Many of them are exhibited in museums highly estimated for their beauty. However, even these unique art objects can be integrated into private house interior. More precisely, the original replicas that are produced at the Italian factory Archeo Venice Design.

Archeo Venice Design is a small laboratory factory located on the Murano island in Venice. Unique Murano glass lamps have been produced here since 1996. Nevertheless, lamps make impression they have Easter origins… The aesthetics of Archeo Venice Design luminaires is unique: once you see these products, you will not confuse them with any others. The style Archeo Venice Design fixtures are made in has its own history - it was a poetry embodied in silk and handmade paintings

Несмотря на довольно короткий период существования – 20 лет, компания, названная в честь своего создателя Arturo Alvarez, сумела вырваться в ТОР-10 производителей светотехники, известных по всему миру.
Illuminate your world with our Baccarat crystal lighting collection! Embrace this crystal symphony of light and transform everything into magic!


"Perfect” – is the word used to describe Baltic Wood floors by clients who have chosen them for the places in which they live and work. The company was founded 18 years ago in Poland and quickly expanded its brand into the international marketplace. Today, thanks to an extensive partner network, Baltic Wood floors reach clients in 52 countries all over the world.

The modern production plant, the company head office and the sales offices are located in the town of Jasło, Subcarpathia.


Bamax collections look for inspiration inside art, fashion and music, aiming to enhance wood at its maximum value by approaching it to metal and precious marbles, all of this favouring timeless lines that enrobe the kitchen spacwith character and personality.

Every kitchen is impeccably produced in order to offer an incomparable and log-term experience. Bamax is able to fulfill all requests to create an enviroment that unites functional and aesthetic needs, adding at the same time the uniquess and the warmth typical of a high quality product.

When John established Beaumont & Fletcher, it was these time-honoured skills that he wanted to harness in all the furniture created. He named his company after two successful playwrights, Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher, who flourished in London.

Founded in 1973 for the production of furniture, the Bordignon Camillo Company soon specialized in the use of solid wood. Relying on Camillo’s experience and ability in traditional carpentry and the organizational skills of his wife, Tersilla, the couple decided to use only the most indispensable machinery and place their greatest trust in the quality of their human resources.

These decisions enabled their business to develop and concentrate on custom-built furniture, first by starting from small modifications and then constructing entire pieces by working from unique designs. In the ‘70s, production centered on classic style furniture built entirely in solid walnut that soon made a name for the company through the excellent levels of quality achieved in the products, finishing, and materials used.

Brand van Egmond yearly launches new lighting collections. Frequently, designer William Brand is invited for commissioned lighting installations around the world.

by William Brand
Combining infinite patience with a love for handwork our lighting atelier pays homage to the time-honoured tradition of craftsmanship. Only materials of the highest quality are used to create a Brand van Egmond designer lighting. Crafted to last for generations, its quality protects it from the passage of time.

The stylistic aim of Brummel is based on a strong concept able to create new living spaces’ styles, where comfort and originality are perfectly mixed. Its style has a strong and characteristic feature, able to outline this ambitious project’s guidelines, where the project proposal is inspired by a classic style, revised with modern accent.

Brummel creates and evolves its concept, following the famous Italian artistic and cultural creativity, which qualifies Italian products all around the world. We are long-time supporters of the concept that comparisons between different cultures give the world a message of positive strength, civility and freedom.

A perfect symbol of the Italian lifestyle, Bruno Zampa brings his original style to the most beautiful houses in the world, transforming modern life into the height of creative expression with his furniture. A group of architects and experts always works closely with the company management, creating innovative proposals, depending on the wishes of the customer.

The collections of Bruno Zampa are a natural development of exclusive ideas in design, created by professional creative power, with the support and development of the productive quality of true Italian craftsmanship. Furniture style is a real reflection of the soul of those who live in the house.

As a company, we are completely open to people. Here, everyone is free to express their skills. We have a large space to contain them all. All of them. We are open to innovation in order to reach our goals. Storage conceived in a big way; a modular system to create walls; products adaptable to the size of every part of the home. But we are also open to relations. The best way of creating spaces where we are free to talk with everyone.

Cattelan Italia is an Italian company, dealing with furniture
It was founded in 1979 and today it’s one of the world’s best furniture manufacturers with more than 2000 retailers based in the larger cities all over the globe.

The history of Cattelan Italia is linked to the one of a family, whose values are tradition, passion for creativity, and art. It was founded by Giorgio Cattelan and his wife Silvia in 1979. The company has grown thanks to the innovative force of these two different characters, who nonetheless are focused on the ideas of industrialization, style and design, all based on craftsmanship.

Ceramic furniture looks strange - mirrors, photo frames, table lamps, vases, clocks, coffee tables and even slides. All these utilitarian objects seem precious because of the fragility of the material from which they are created. Pompous ceramic lamps with many curved horns and elaborate decor are also quite unusual for modern lighting design.

But the works traditional for ceramics are interpreted by Lorenzon masters no less entertainingly. Here you will find chamber statuettes imitating rocaille gallant scenes, and pensive figures of girls with baskets of flowers on their shoulders or with a crown of small lampshades.

Behind each bronze is the foundry's time-honored traditional, artistic method, used to reproduce the series of pieces ordered for Charles clients from the wood or plaster model created by the artist.

This long manufacturing process, called sand molding, is spread across several workshops supervised by professional craftsmen.

Each piece is cast from a single-use mold, split into two halves.

You can reed more and choose finish. Please click "read more"

Christopher Guy Harrison first became inspired by the world of decorative style while growing up in the 1970s along the shoreline of the French Riviera. Here Christopher became fascinated with the elegance intrinsic to French design, which he sees as "an effortless form that is beyond beauty".

In the years since then, a singular vision and uncompromising sense of style, along with an ongoing pursuit for elegance in every piece he designs, have driven Christopher to continually redefine the aesthetics of design. The result is a place at the forefront of the world's luxury furnishings market.

Cipriani Homood is a collection of furniture that can bring an element of luxury to any interior space. The brand was born in the Italian city of Pisa and is relatively young. It can be described in three words: art, quality, sophistication. Each piece of furniture is hand-made using the finest Italian marble, embossed leather, hand-crafted wood, glass and brushed metals, poured into a luxurious and sophisticated collection that perfectly matches the apartments of a penthouse, townhouse in the capital or a five-star hotel.

5-STAR QUALITY Quality means for us: high-quality workmanship, perfect outward appearance, flexibility, constant new developments, expert craftsmanship and the passion for detail. These are the qualities that make a door to the unmistakeable ”ComTür“ door. In addition we offer to our customers services after the purely functional element as well as the use of high-quality fittings. An excellent selection of handles, glass, associated skirting board, panels, wardrobes and more. Advantage: All from a single source.

Copatlife mood, style and personality, expression of design and habitat. The company represents a system that generates values and thoughts, shaping design artifacts for today’s kitchen concepts. A state of mind that becomes the paradigm of representation of Copatlife concepts.

Inside our offices “Mood” becomes emotion and pleasure of sharing the same values. The space where our strategies and our actions are conceived. A melting pot of voices, languages and faces. People, projects, sounds of a teamwork aiming to improve every day the quality of our services and looking toward new challenges.

The company Cornelio Cappellini combines several handcrafted skills with contemporary and innovative technologies. Its collections of modern Italian furniture evoke an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Fashionable fabrics and genuine leathers are chosen directly by Claudio Cappellini, the creative mind of the Company.
Since 2012 Daytona has signed the luxury living collections of the Signorini-Coco group. Art Directors Marzia Dainelli, Leonardo Dainelli. Signorini-Coco has produced art furniture since 1968, based on the grand cabinet making traditions of its founders. The company immediately distinguished itself for the care given to production due to which its artisanal, tailored processing is now its signature worldwide.
MAJO IIluminazione was established for the first time at the end of the second world war by Guido de Majo, who, having left his native Naples, moved to the lagoon, and in 1947 founded his first glass factory in Murano island. From the outset, though small in size, thanks to a strategy of demanding enterprise committed to the quality of the product, the company played an important role in the manufacture of Murano glass, becoming, in a few years, a solid and consolidated industry. By focusing on the quality of our brand always has taken advantage of the new and exciting opportunities created in the glass manufacturing industry. In the design of the 1970s became an important element in the production and DE MAJO was one of the first companies to invest in this concept and presented alongside traditional products of high quality, hand-made a standardized series of expanding its own market considerably.

Decor Walther has stood for quality bathroom furnishing such as lamps, mirrors and accessories for over four decades. It all began in 1973, in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, with a small specialist shop founded by Harald Walther.

Today we are one of the leading suppliers in this sector, reaching far beyond Germany’s borders. Our company philosophy, which makes our products so unique on the international market, has evolved along with our company: Discreet luxury These words sum up what sets us apart from the norm. Our quality and design express this most vividly.

eggersmann has produced individual tailor-made solutions for aesthetic and luxurious kitchen furniture for more than a hundred years. We are committed to perfection and timeless elegance. Our continuous development is based on the research for innovations, the use of the most advanced manufacturing technologies and the fosterage of the traditional craft. We consider the sustainability of our kitchen systems as an important challenge. eggersmann manufactures valuable unique pieces for sophisticated people.

Established in 1972 and still a family-owned business, Elledue is a leading company in the luxury contemporary-classic furniture market. What sets us apart is our ability to offer high quality furniture, featuring innovative design and fine details, that can be customized to suit each customer’s specific needs.

Our products are manufactured entirely in Italy, mostly in the Brianza district, where the company is based. A choice that lets us experiment and go beyond the common production approach, engaging in the creative process local craftsmen who are as much visionary as we are.

Euro Lamp Art, located in Scandicci in via Pisana 588, has been a leader in the decorative lighting sector since 1975. Located in the province of Florence, the company creates Italian-made chandeliers with a unique design that are appreciated worldwide.

Highly specialized in the processing of metal and wrought iron, the staff create designer chandeliers and furnishing accessories that are enriched with leather inserts, Swarovski elements and fabrics.

With over 40 years of experience in the craftsmanship of glass and wrought iron, Euro Lamp Art is an absolute point of reference for those who are looking for quality products in an innovative and elegant design.

Attractive Italian kitchens bring together design culture and quality materials to exalt the international dimension of Italian made furniture: a whirl through atmospheres featuring exciting architecture.

Euromobil cucine, a well-known family-owned company for the production of premium kitchen furniture, which occupies a leading position in the Italian market, has recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Despite such a venerable age, EuroMobile Kuchin remains not just modern, but sensitively responds to all innovations, striving to realize them in its products, which makes the kitchen from this brand very competitive. The latest materials (in particular, E1 class melamine material that has been certified at the highest level), advanced technologies, innovative design solutions - all these are signs of Euromobile Kuchin kitchen sets.

Crystal Chandeliers are timeless yet always remain up-to-date, whether your interior design is conventional or avantgarde. Fine forms and materials convey an atmosphere of perfection. Only the best prevails. Faustig are not the only maker of Crystal Chandeliers, nor the oldest, the cheapest, or the most expensive. We strive for aesthetics and quality – and for delight in the uncompromisingly beautiful and good.
Ferretti and Ferretti was founded in 1966 in the province of Pisa, the heart of Tuscany, as a traditional workshop, transformed over the years into a consolidated industrial company that has constantly updated its production in line with trends in style and taste and fully respecting tradition. The company has gradually refined its traditional working method, in which manual skills, experience and the quality of the materials used are the key business elements. The constant search for quality cannot ignore the technological aspect so as to guarantee maximum precision and function.

Flessya emerged from a meeting of professionals, specialised woodworkers with experience in the internal door production industry and high enthusiasm for custom designs. Over the years, hard work, craftsmanship and custom designs were enhanced by investments in advanced technologies and industrial equipment.

Flessya is now a leader on the domestic market, motivated with an intelligent and modern organisation but with the passion and care of traditional woodworkers for its products.

This brand is managed by our design house Mobitare. Mobitare was founded by Pfister in 1987 as a design house and is managed independently. The range stands for design-oriented, urban lifestyle with internationally renowned and emerging young brand labels.

It was only in 2012 that Hansjörg Helweg founded the Freifrau seating manufacturer. Since then, seating has been produced in the manufactory with a guarantee of favorite items. Materials, workmanship, design and comfort play in the top league and want to sweeten the everyday life of the owner with their exclusivity. To this end, Freifrau works with well-known designers as well as with industry newcomers who make unique furniture that can be experienced in multi-sensual ways.

Gamma Arredamenti is a brand practicing innovation and a modern approach, but with a love of tradition and noble inner elegance.

Born out of deep friendship and dedication to design in 1974, the brainchild of Gabriele Getty and Carla Botti still occupies a leading position in the furniture market.

We combine generations of design experience with an aesthetic relevant to today.

The perfect match of finest materials, attention to details and Italian craftsmanship. Art Deco vibes mingle with cutting-edge shapes, bringing a fresh feel to the most exclusive homes all around the world.

A timeless style that embodies the concepts of comfort and elegance creating an intimate yet unique atmosphere.

For more than 50 years our company has been acclaimed throughout Italy and internationally, rooting its business in the production of furnishing solutions for use in all Interior Design environments.

Grilli’s various designers interpret the current Mood, conceived by the Artistic Director Simone Cellitti, according to subjective compositions. The new collections are constantly being developed, the main stakeholders are the designers, who create the product image with their perceptive hands. Giancarlo Vegni, Carlo Bimbi, Mario Precisi, Roberto Fidanzi, Pino Matranga: these are the protagonists of Grilli manufacturing, where the common denominator is profoundly linked to the region of Tuscany.

Halley proposes a world of beauty and sensations, ways of being that is achieved throught constant aesthetic, technical and functional research.

Halley with her creations gives unforgettable moments, emotions, sensations.

A new concept of classic furnishing creates atmospheres and lifestyles.

Complete solutions for sleeping zone as double and children’s room wich are scrupulously realized.

Halley’s philosophy is also present in the composition for living room, where classic cupboard, tables, sofa with huge sizes, make your interior unique, harmonious and exclusive.

Today IDL is a leader in lighting and is renown for the exclusivity of its designs. We aim to satisfy a select and demanding range of clients and, in so doing, we maintain the highest production and technical standards throughout all our operations. Our secret lies in the hand-made and artisan approach which is a hallmark of the Made in Italy stamp. These are the key principles which have always driven our company. You can thus be assured of the quality, uniqueness, creativeness and design values in all our production.

Il Paralume Marina not simply produces but creates. Design and innovation, research and development meet working techniques of the greatest Italian craftsmen. Fusion of brass, Italian crystal, Murano glass, silk and organza fabrics, decorated with Swarovski Elements.

The story of the company IL PARALUME MARINA has started in 1987 when the spouses Ferronato-Simoncello have founded their small family-run business based on the common passion for decorative ITALIAN lighting. In the followings years their sons Thomas and Simone have given further drive, respectively in internationally marcheting the products all over the world and at hight technical design levels of lights themselves.

Dutch furniture and lighting manufacturers are known worldwide for their special sense of design. Dutch designer products combine elegant lines, shades, and quality materials. Lamps Ilfari only confirm this fact. Learn more about them, and you will understand that the sconce should be bought from this manufacturer.

The Dutch company was founded back in 2001 and is considered relatively young compared to other European manufacturers from Italy or Austria. Nevertheless, this is by no means a minus, because thanks to this, Ilfari was able to translate her unique and recognizable Art Nouveau style into products. Now everyone can buy ilfari fixtures to their own special taste thanks to the wide range that is available with us. The concepts of the Dutch school of design have left their mark on all Ilfari products that we offer you.

Since 1975 Italamp has built its brand awareness and reputation in the decorative lighting market, standing out for products’ quality and particular shapes. The company always aims to elegance and preciousness thanks to selected and finely crafted materials.

Tradition sets the bases for the future, and the future is now, proposing new shapes, up to create a significant background of unique realizations. Italamp stylistic history is characterized by a strong expertise of glass, from the most classical composition of its tradition, with a constant use of lead crystal, to more recent times, where new types of glass have been introduced. Nowadays, the experience in the field of glass, and the great knowledge of all its productive and application properties, consolidate the company’s will to validate its abilities in contemporary design industry, with the consciousness of employing the most correct method in order to accomplish aesthetic and functional designers’ choices.

The JAB ANSTOETZ Group is a medium-sized family business that has stood for stylish living and been associated with precious fabrics since 1946. The range of the renowned textile editor is the most comprehensive in the trade and captivates with a unique variety of designs, qualities and colours. With further selected product fields JAB ANSTOETZ has continuously enlarged its competence in the field of sophisticated interior design and is today a worldwide group of companies that repeatedly sets new trends with exclusive products.

Josef Anstoetz writes the first chapter of the company history. Under the name JAB – the abbreviation for Josef Anstoetz Bielefeld – the merchant utilises his affinity for textiles and in 1946 opens a wholesale company for decoration and upholstery fabrics . After just three years the business is so successful that the rented premises in the "Spinnerei Vorwärts" have become too small. To enable further expansion the company moves to Rohrteichstraße 35a.

The production is 100% made in Italy, in the same place where the company was founded in the early twentieth century and where the headquarters, the faactory and the showroom are always located. The inspiration draws however from ideas coming from the major European and American cities.

The way we work, attentive to detail, elegance and modernity, forms the basis of our growth. We chose to be global and international also in the distribution, that’s why we are present with numerous showrooms worldwide and with flagship stores especially in the US.

Jumbo Collection - the true art of Italian furniture masters

Living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, cabinets, sofas and couches, armchairs and pouffes, tables and chests of drawers, showcases and cabinets, lamps, mirrors, wall decor.

Chic and royal luxury - this is the impression that the furniture of the Italian manufacturer Jumbo Collection makes. The classic design, developed on the basis of samples of ancient palace furniture, is distinguished by sophistication and amazing beauty. Velvet and satin, precious wood, skillful carving and inlay, plating with natural gold and silver - all this causes genuine delight for everyone who appreciates elitism and seeks to surround himself with genuine works of art, including furniture.

Karman’s philosophy is like a tree. The brand, which produces a truly fabulous lighting, dreams of the sky, but firmly rooted in the traditions of the Italian region of Marche.

Designers Karman are bound by a common passion for creating unsurpassed light that combines children’s spontaneity, faith in fantastic parallel realities and absolute functionality.

The brand was founded in 2005 in Fossombrone, and managed to fall in love with a huge number of people around the world.

70 years of history, of family, of culture and design, of industrial products, new materials and cutting edge technologies.

70 Years of ongoing research and exchange with the great designers, with the aim of pursuing beauty and absolute quality.

Sofas with a particularly careful esthetical look in the projecting time and in the choice of dressing materials and exterior finishing, thanks to our constantly attention to fashion which bring us to the final realization of each sofa trying to give it the highest quality standards concerning comfort, elasticity, stability and preservation during the time of such characteristics. From the beginning we renounced economic products to address our strengths to have a reduced but extremely specialized handicraft organization, to ensure the careful and faultless realization of every single product of our two line of product, Classical, which come form the reinterpretation and actualization of classical sofas, and Contemporary.

Light has been our inspiration – since 1918, when the KOLARZ family business was first founded in Vienna, Austria. Driven by our passion for light we combine tradition with the latest innovation in a distinctive and unique manner.

Craftsmanship of the highest quality is the motto we live by. And the result: true masterpieces in the art of lighting from the heart of Europe. Every KOLARZ lighting product is a unique creation, crafted by artistic minds and skilful hands to create the perfect ambience.

Today, la murrina S.R.L. continues to propose new projects and products which shows its leading position in the market.

Thanks to its high-value know-how and savoir-faire in the Italian design, la murrina S.R.L. addresses to the interior design market, continuing its collaborations with important projects that boost the creation of new collections.

Founded over a century ago, in 1888, Lalique has endured as the ultimate symbol of French luxury.

Today, the vision of the brand is to prolong the creative genius of founder René Lalique by issuing superb perfume bottles in crystal, reviving exciting and emotional jewellery designs, pushing the limits of the factory by creating decorative objects with its signature satin contrasts, carrying out major architectural projects, crafting a unique Lalique world dedicated to the home, working with renowned artists to produce limited editions in crystal and to recreate its cultural heritage.

For over thirty years Lema has been providing hospitality solutions to the UK, which has always been a key market. For this reason, LEMA UK Ltd was established in 2012, an offshoot of LEMA Spa, which has helped us forge a reputation of excellent service for both home and contract divisions. In 2015 the Flagship Store was inaugurated in the heart of Chelsea on the King’s Road, serving as a window into the world of LEMA. Today, LEMA is one of the major Made in Italy players in contract, hospitality and retail; where it has built a reputation for quality, efficiency and innovative solutions.

Over time, Limited Edition has become an international player, with over 200 employees, showrooms in Paris and Brussels, and an impressive list of prestigious clients and projects. Still, local ties and a personal approach play an important role. Sharing a passion for interior design, Katia Dewitte runs the company together with her husband, Philippe Hanet, and brother, James Dewitte

Lindsey Adelman has long been obsessed with illumination in all its forms. Her work treads the porous border between sculpture and design, taking inspiration from such diverse sources as the paintings of Piet Mondrian, an elegiac passage from Camus’s “The Fall” and the spidery brilliance of Giacometti. Ever since the debut of the Branching Bubbles chandelier, the first product made in her newly opened studio in 2006, her goal has been to transform the ephemeral nature of light into something not merely tangible but enduring. Combining organic, handwrought materials like blown glass with the strong industrial beauty of machine-milled components, her lighting systems create radiant warmth while underscoring the drama of shadows and emptiness.

An outstanding tradition of handcraftsmanship, the use of precious materials, and on-going research to ensure continuous evolution: these values always stand out in a creation by Longhi. Attention to detail works in concert with the use of exclusive materials: woodworking is entrusted to the skill and expertise of highly trained craftsmen. All marbles and stone have Certificates of Authenticity and Guarantees, as do our leathers – which are specifically selected and processed with natural environmentally friendly procedures. All these materials harmonise simply to convey passion and elegance.

LUBE kitchens and living rooms are designed to offer you maximum personalisation. The wide variety of compositions, colours and materials allows you to choose a complete and coordinated interior design to create a unique home environment.

Lube is one of the three leading Italian kitchen manufacturers and ranks first in the number of kitchens manufactured each year. Choosing a Lube kitchen means entering a world created around people and their needs and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Luceplan has always been engaged in technological and design research on light as a tool to improve human wellbeing and environmental quality.

Even today, after decades of experience, our company is still following and enhancing the expertise and skills we have gained day in and day out. This is the essence of a work culture based on learning from “everyday experience”, using our hands and our hearts, building a knowhow that meets specific rules regarding quality and perfection. After years of work with the world’s most important furniture, fashion, and design companies, we have developed our own experience in haute couture, combining our knowhow with traditional furniture workmanship and crafting.

LUXXU’s Empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless pieces and refined elegance. Lighting was the start of a luxury journey stating itself as classic with a modern twist. Today, a new epoch unveils at LUXXU. Daring designs are symphonies created not only with one key object. Ambiences are an everlasting aesthetic language shared by every element. LUXXU now gives you the opportunity to create those ambiences. LUXXU uncovers a crucial Imperial complement, a Furniture Collection. Offering resembling noble materials and finishing’s where customization blossoms as brand capital. Be our guest and get inspired by the greatest collection of timeless pieces.

Our products are highly aesthetic, functional and embody a strong idea. Everything else would be easy, ordinary and not the Magis way.

Established in 1976 in the north east of Italy by Eugenio Perazza, Magis is now a prominent lodestar in the design world, whose success is based on the desire to provide a broad swathe of users with access to high functional and technological quality products, developed in partnership with major international designers, with a vision of the resulting products that is ethical and poetic as well as aesthetic.

Daily dedication in the selection of the highest quality veneers and materials are the foundations from which Malerba develops new expressive potential in design planning.

It is thanks to a combination of skilled craftsmen working in unison with state of the art machinery, used for accurate processing techniques, that the refined design project is expressed in elegant and functional furniture and furnishing accessories that customize locations with their unique elegance, transforming every room into an intimate and exclusive place.

Colors and unique design, balanced in perfect harmony as a result of exhaustive research in today styles and trends, create a special harmony that captivates at first glance.

Luxury Crystal Chandeliers. Manooi crystal chandeliers are designed by a team of dedicated artists. They are manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen, who create for you an extraordinary and timeless piece of art. Your functional artwork is inspired by how natural light creates a special magic aura through crystal.

The light of your house - what is it? Of course, warm, kind and cozy. And also - the unique, as unique spirit of every family, every human habitation.

This light will give you chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps from the Spanish company Mariner: the company, which is headed by the fourth generation of the Gurrea family, knows a lot about eternal values.

It's an exquisitely Italian story of a business founded in 1965 by dedicated craftsmen in a small workshop in the furniture district of Verona. We immediately rose above the crowd thanks to our painstaking search for the finest materials and the guarantee of quality through a closely monitored production process. This began with kitchens, expanding ten years later to include modular living rooms and bedrooms. Ours is a complex market, offering a wealth of opportunities.

Tiny coloured pins pierce the wall map to identify locations of subsidiaries and agencies in MASIERO's worldwide sales network. The last pin added marks the Middle Eastern hub of Abu Dhabi. Others are dotted here and there in Italy, Russia, the United States, South America, North and South Africa. In fact MASIERO lighting collections and installations are in demand in 72 different countries. MASIERO, specialists in top-end decorative lighting, are based in Casale sul Sile near Treviso in northern Italy.

Medea is known as one of the most famous, historic Italian companies for research and quality furniture. Established in 1905, it began producing chairs and armchairs for the most important shops in Milan, collaborating with architects such as C. Zen and E. Basile, the founders of the Italian Liberty. Beginning English-style, then he focused its attention to ‘Art Nouveau style that at the dawn of the twentieth century developed in different countries favoring decorativism and enhancing the eclectic manual skills of quality craftsmanship, elements which are still maintained.

A long history of passion and tradition, wise production capability able to transform the material of wood into objects of desire. The long sartorial and artisan traditions are combined together to create environments that stand out, with an unmistakable style that encompasses all the codes of uniqueness of this extraordinary territory. Fashion, taste, style, culture and timeless time, the guidelines that make the great power of Medea Lifestyle.

We consider MILAN's design department to be the heart of our company, as it is there where the know-how that has been built up over more than 45 years of business is used to avoid potential quality and production problems for each model.

At the same time, it constantly seeks to improve the our brand's product portfolio to make easier our clients and distributors' task of adapting and updating models in keeping with changing market trends.

Passed on by three generations, the know-how of MisuraEmme is the result of consolidated knowledge over time and loyalty to strong and imperative values.

100% made in Italy, designed by famous architects and realised making use of the artisan culture of professionals of the Brianza area. The products of MisuraEmme combine tradition with innovation.

Today the company is not only capable of proposing furniture characterised by a high level of personalisations, but also to export these values, designing solutions in tune with different international requirements.

We are the inventor of the height-adjustable children’s desk. Our desks and swivel chairs grow with the child, can be set very high or very low and flexibly adapt to ever-changing needs. They offer storage space and plenty of utility surface for writing, reading and drawing. They score points for functionality, are thought out ergonomically to the smallest detail, and are practically indestructible. And our future designs for children’s and teens’ rooms will always set innovative standards. moll kids: growing together.

With our new moll unique design series, we consider all age groups and their needs in our product development — the desks and swivel chairs are designed ergonomically for both adults and children. With a minimalistic visual language, an age-independent design was developed that works in completely different spaces, from the living room to the children’s bedroom. True long-term durability comes from a combination of quality, design and function. That makes for a sustainable furnishing concept. moll unique: Design for life

The Molteni Group is one of Italy’s leading international furnishings companies. It consists of three companies, each one at the forefront of its sector: Molteni&C SpA (home furnishings and Dada kitchens), Unifor SpA (office furnishings) and Citterio SpA (office furnishings and partitions). Molteni offers global furnishing in Italy and in over eighty countries all over the world.

Leading company specialized in the production of high-end home furnishings and large productions (residential community and public buildings). Founded as a company manufacturing systems, it now produces a complete offer for the home, distributed through a network of single-brand Molteni&C Dada shops and corners at multi-brand shops.

Beautiful, well-engineered fans and state-of-the-art controls reflect our values — fashionable design, exceptional performance and unprecedented customer service.

Enhance the atmosphere and improve the air quality in your space with Monte Carlo.

The main feature of Morelato's products is the use of cherry trees. At the same time, it independently grows production raw materials on specially created afforestation in Slovenia, France and even in Canada. As for the method of fastening the elements, then in this case the sheet pile technique is used. Throughout its existence, this Italian brand has managed to achieve worldwide recognition among owners of private houses, apartments, designers and real professionals in the furniture industry. All thanks to the consistently high quality, comfort and functionality in the design.

Moretti Luce specializes in the production of outdoor and indoor lighting. In its assortment are ceiling, floor, wall lamps, pendant chandeliers and sconces, street lamps. Lighting from Moretti Luce is ideal for decorating clubs, parks, gardens, gardens, billiards. The production uses high-quality metals - alloys of brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, as well as glass. Each Moretti Luce collection has its own color and style.

Easily recognizable by its characteristic glass finish and decor, Moretti Luce supplies the lighting market with a wide assortment and price range. Designers create small masterpieces from an alloy of marine themes and westerns, the history of blown glass and kerosene lamps, a floral theme and modern lighting fashion. Each model from the Moretti Luce collection is the embodiment of a compromise between unconditional luxury and functionality, for which the consumer loves Moretti's light.

Moroso is a natural example of how the desire for development and openness to new ideas can become the hammer and the anvil, thanks to which Success is forged.

The father – founder of the company Agostino Morozo began with a small craft workshop, but now the second generation of the family, Roberto and Patricia, is engaged in developing the brand. The brand has created beds and a cross, chairs and sofas since 1952.

Claims and stylish, bold and eccentric, born out of cooperation with talented world designers, they themselves create a taste and lay new realities.

Luxury brand Natalis Luxus is a result of creative passions of our whole family. Me and my husband Konrad have been involved in artistic craftsmanship, woodworking and art painting since early age. Love for art and nature has crossed our life paths. Since then, we were growing this passion together for almost 30 years.

I have gained experience in artistic painting and restoration from one of the best masters in the field in Northern Italy. Konrad’s artistic and technical background and my natural creativity inspire and complement each other.

Nicola Palasciano started his career as an apprentice at the age of nine with the Industrial Group Natuzzi Italia. Late, only at the age of fifteen, thanks to his passion and devotion to his job, he gained full trust in Pasquale Natuzzi (the CEO of Natuzzi Italia). As a result, Natuzzi trusted him for the oversight of the upholstery department for the sofa’s production addressed to the United States market.

In 1992, Nicola Palasciano’s serious determination and persistence in doing great things, led him to create his own brand: Nicoline.

Original clocks of avant-garde design and high quality, produced in a handmade fashion using innovative techniques

Modern Nomon clock collections for every kind of space

If there is anything that Nomon clocks have its a great variety of collections .

We could say that they have approximately 7 main collections with more than 25 different designs dedicated to any kind of space, because they play to make contrast with the furniture in the room.

Family owned for more than 35 years, Nourison has excelled as the premier resource for area rugs, broadloom carpet and home accessories.

We offer an extensive range of area rugs in trend-setting colors and designs. Our quality, craftsmanship, and proprietary finishing techniques make each piece a work of art.

The famous Italian furniture factory Selva was founded in 1968 in the town of Isola Rizza, near Verona. For more than 40 years, the factory has been manufacturing elegant and functional premium class furniture designed for decoration of dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

The philosophy of the factory is based on the preservation of ancient craft traditions, along with the use of the latest production technologies, as well as a unique design that combines elements of classic and modern, and cooperation with well-known European designers - such design stars as Lorenzo have already been noted in the work with the factory Bellini and Allido Casarsa. A variety of product lines, a wide variety of color solutions and consistently high quality have made Selva factory one of the leaders in the field of furniture production, whose products are very popular in more than 50 countries and adorn the hotel chains of Marriott Hotel and Renaissance Hotel.

Pianca think that the idea of space is becoming less and less definite. Homes are being transformed into offices and offices are getting reorganised to feel as cosy as homes. The need to stay in tune with nature blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Inside, rooms become multi-functional and furniture becomes modular and flexible to fit into smaller homes where various generations share the same premises.

Everything ‘s born from the love of the wood. The solid wood, worked with the craftsmanship of those who know how to turn a log into a piece of artwork. Porada has its origin from this passion. It was established in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the aim of expanding the production of chairs, started in 1948.

With the support of his sons, who became promoters, as well as him, of a Company that makes quality and professionalism its own bases. Excellent quality and considerable experience in the wood manufacturing shortly gave the Company a solid and well-defined identity, which nowadays express itself in refined products that contribute to design a domestic environment, where the everyday living needs are met.


Every desire in the kitchen is individual and unusual. Therefore the perfect kitchen is exactly that which matches your very personal needs and habits. Experience the many options offered by modern kitchen layouts, from small kitchen spaces and dreams over comfortable space planning for the whole family through to exclusive design highlights: everything is possible. This can be achieved, along with the highest degree of individuality, in a customised design and with intelligent equipment details.

This is how kitchen dreams can come true!

The company, first to use solid Murano glass as a base for its tables, has always privileged the use of high quality materials, such as glass, marble, wrought iron and wood, to which it has applied, with craftsmanship , unprecedented contrasts and cutting-edge technological processes.

The results are furnishings that express the perfect synthesis of technology, design, research and tradition.

Reflex collaborates with well-known Italian and foreign architects including Pininfarina, Sacha Lakic, Maurice Barilone, Andrée Putman, Arnaldo Gamba, Massimo Scolari, Leila Guerra and Marco Piva.

Reflex products can be admired in the historic Biancade headquarters.

Innovation, Research and Love. Every year a new collection to renew and to dream. Riva Mobili Darte collections are designed to fulfill your desires and to create that unique harmony that everyone dreams of living in their own home. Open, Discover and Dre

Exterior Lighting and garden accessories out of wrought iron are hot dip galvanized. Pillars and poles are out of seawater resistant cast aluminium made in our own moulds, made in German foundries.

Wrought iron Gates and Banisters are custom made. Graphic proposals are made according to measurements, pictures from job site and required style of iron work.

Timeless furnitures, created by those who can turn dreams into matters and dedicated to those who stand out with style and elegance

Schonbek Worldwide Lighting is a true legend of the modern world. Adolf Schonbeck opened his lighting manufacturing plant in 1870 in Bohemia.

Whether classic Bagatelle or modern Refrax, Schonbek lamps are always grandeur and luxury. Chandeliers and ceiling lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps, chandeliers and hanging compositions faithfully serve the idea of ​​sophistication and innovation.

Schüller, this means made in Germany. Schüller is an industrial enterprise with a conscious commitment to the site of Germany – more exactly to the site of the Franconian Herrieden.
The Schönbuch philosophy is built on trust, not just between the company and its customers but also between Schönbuch and its manufacturers. The furniture maker Ress Möbelwerkstätten, based in Bad Königshofen in Upper Franconia, is an experienced and long-standing partner of Schönbuch and an expert at translating visions into reality. With a discerning eye for quality and craftsmanship, their standards are a perfect match for Schönbuch. In their workshops, traditional handcrafting, expertise and progressive technologies come together as natural partners. Wood is processed with perfect skill to create furniture that couples timeless character with longevity – Handmade in Bavaria.
Serip designs and produces nature-inspired sculptures resulting in decor elements and organic lighting with a unique design based on nature’s elements. Expert in illumination since 1961.

The Alchimie collection was created to grant everyone the chance to bring into their homes, the charm and fascination of the best Made in Italy craftmanship. Different styles offer an extensive line of furniture: an option for aesthetic and functional freedom to the point of allowing each one to express his/her own personality and manner of living the day and night ambiences.

Skyline Design manufactures and designs luxury outdoor furniture. All of the Skyline collections are created using only the finest weaving materials such as Viro™, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene & Polystrand to produce high quality, lightweight and weather resistant styles. These synthetic fibers are boldly revolutionizing design providing chemical and UV resistant, all-weather proof, high-tensile strength furniture that is safe for the environment and 100% recyclable. Skyline Design incorporates innovative design, lasting quality and customer service as the cornerstone of its international brand.

Skyline Design supplies its dealers worldwide through a network of sales representatives, trade showrooms & international exhibitions, providing specialty retailers, interior designers, and hospitality buyers with exterior casual furnishings for their residential, hospitality and specialty clients.

The energy of the passion, the attention paid to details and handmade culture form part of Smania. These characteristics shape our total look furniture.

Since 1967, a journey through Smania collections and the phases that made our history, illustrating the handmade creations and style evolution.

Italian furniture Snaidero

Italian furniture is the ideal that many aspire to. Her story inspires the creation of masterpieces. And these masterpieces inspire the creation of new and new furniture variations. Many years ago, unique furniture-making techniques began to appear in Italy, which are still handed down from generation to generation. As a rule, this is more true for family enterprises. Masters sought inspiration in the environment. Nature, of course, has become a fundamental source of new ideas. Nature is perfect, which means that all the secrets of creating incredibly beautiful things are hidden in it.

It was the pursuit of excellence that led to the birth of the Snaidero Italy brand back in 1946. This family-owned company specializes in the manufacture of excellent kitchens. The starting point was a tiny room, which was located in the house of Rino Snydero. To this day, the size of the factory has gone far beyond that small area. 115 thousand square meters - these are the real sizes of the enterprise. It is ruled by the son of Reno - Edie Snydero. Snaidero factory has become so popular that the number of dealers of its products has reached 2 thousand. They are scattered in more than 80 countries of the globe.

There are hardly any people who have never heard of Swarovski crystals. This is the name that has become a legendary synonym for true craftsmanship and trade secrets.

The Austrian brand produces an immense amount of top-class products: loose an

Target Point was built in 1995 by the three founders and the idea was clear from the beginning: produce and sell elegant furniture to give a special touch on your house. It all started with coffee tables but the demand from the public brought Target Point to create a new bigger collection with iron beds followed by dining tables, chairs and upholstered beds. Over the years, Target Point has definitely become an excellent alternative to the already well-known furniture brands.

With this maxim, in 1948 Luigi Tomasella founded what was destined to become a leading producer on the Italian furniture scene.

The mission of his son, who has successfully ensured continuity of ideas and leads the family business in opening up new sales channels, is to innovate while maintaining tradition.

Today, as a company, Tomasella covers 100,000 sq. m dedicated to producing modern and contemporary furniture and furnishing accessories, with the right balance of sound company history and a strong inclination for technological and creative innovation.

Founded in 1975, Tonin Casa is an Italian brand characterized by elegance and research in the furniture sector.

Unique for the quality and originality of its products that range from tables, coffee-tables, chairs and armchairs, to beds, sideboards, bookcases, as well as lighting and many other accessories and furnishing accessories.

Since 1926 Tonon is a well-known international brand in the world of seating, reliable and synonymous with design and quality MADE IN ITALY. Characterizing features that come from the past: their origins date back to the twenties, include years of careful and creative manufacturing. Even after the industrialization of thefifties, the pleasure of thinking and making never ended.

Tosconova is an Italian excellence in tailor made furniture collections specialized in closely working with each partner and creating a unique point of view for every project. The company works towards superior materials, first class craftsmanship masters and collections that are highly customizable. Since 1963, Tosconova proudly takes care of turned-key luxury assignments on residential like high-end villas and apartments, as well as contract, hotellery and governmental.

We work every day to build beauty from our offices to our factory. With this spirit, we select the material and complete every single piece of furniture. And not only.

Even the most sophisticated machines and plants could not reach Turri’s uniqueness and quality if the most important ingredient to reach the final result was missing: the craftsmanship with which our employees – often true artists – use to complete each single piece.
This is the only way to reach the ultimate form, quality and prestige. This is the only way that a piece of furniture could be called Turri.

Ulivi, which is today a leading Italian manufacturer of sofas and armchairs, was created in 1972 in the heart of Tuscany, the region well known worldwide as the cradle of Italian art and culture, and the source of a unique and unmistakable lifestyle.

The Company’s spirit was born from a great passion for creativity and an authentic desire to propose a new idea of furniture that is meeting a growing appreciation over time, and imposing its way on the most important international markets.

Ulivi Salotti has always meant quality materials and artisan work. Even today, the production process is entirely managed inside the main company building, where each phase of production is carefully checked for every item, from the design until the final market introduction of all our creations.

Outdoor Furniture, Dining Armchairs, Armchairs, Sunbeds, Chairs, Daybed, Sofas, Coffee tables, Chair with arms, Modular sofas, Tables, Low tables, Sunshade, Gazebo, Table bases, Table bases Low, Stools, Pouf, Flower pots, lamps, swings, benches, consoles, screens, alcoves, suspended nests

Vaughan – English style of the exclusive interior design

Interior light fixtures, street lighting, furniture, mirrors, carpets, textiles and decoration.

Vanghan glamorous chandeliers, wall-mounted, floor standing and desk lamps, illumination for landscape design, charming tables, chairs and sofas, gorgeous carpets and delightful textile – these are the tasteful products created for all kinds of interior design. They complement each other and create wonderful peculiar compositions or are used for the formation of bright accents.

A kitchen project experiences two essential moments: the choice of the product in relation to functional and appearance requirements, and the method of using it through actions and practices that exploit the furnished kitchen to the greatest extent possible and also make it more personal. Its image is created through its expression of the diverse ways of experiencing daily living.

Design at Vibia is at the centre of what we do. We invite designers to create through light and design. What we do is constantly evolving, giving our users control to be composers, poets, performers, orchestrators of their own space.

We believe life can be much better when we take lighting into consideration. Along with architects, interior designers, lighting designers, engineers and dealers, we all aim to improve the world through a single objective: create better spaces for living.

The top of the pyramid, the crucial value that indicates the first of the foundation concepts in the identity and philosophy of Visionnaire. Our activity of invention and creation is driven and governed by a precise cultural vision, in which the production of knowledge, intellectual exchange and the experience gained by encouraging a versatile dialogue among individuals are essential priorities of great importance in the collective life of contemporary communities.

Since 1987, Visual Comfort & Co. has been the premier resource for signature designer lighting. For over 30 years, Visual Comfort has produced lighting with some of the most influential names in design using natural materials of exceptional quality.

Twenty-eight designers, united under the Visual Comfort & Co brand, create amazing compositions that combine Tradition, contemporary art and the highest quality. Once every 6 months, dozens of models of lamps and decor items enter the world, and all of them are implemented in their inimitable, unique manner.

Frigerio is a family business specialized in upholstery production. It is a company in wich constant innovation, artisan handcrafted production methods and the finest materials characterize finished products.

In addition, Frigerio concentrates significant resources to the research, and testing of more durable and more resistant materials, and in anticipation of trends. The end result, a very personal collection which integrates form with function, modern design with classical elements and which includes armchairs, modular sofa systems, dining chairs, small tables and accessories for the mostdemanding consumers of the contemporary lifestyle.

Willi SCHILLIG – upholstered furniture of exceptional quality from exclusive materials.

Furniture is our passion

Since more than 65 years, we have been passionate about creating remarkable furniture of high quality – sofas that combine elegant, contemporary designs with premium comfort.

When you invest in a willowlamp, it will be a true investment in style, creativity and individual expression.

It all begins with a passion for light. For 30 years, XAL has been working with lighting designers, architects and planner to develop custom luminaires of the highest technical standard, which impress with their style and aesthetics. There is always one goal: to push the boundaries of the technically feasible, enabling visionary designs. We can meet this challenge because our employees in our design labs as well as production and sales locations around the world deliver top performance. Being on-site for our customers is essential for mutual success. Thanks to organisational efficiency and high inhouse production depth, we can tailor our response to the needs of our customers and continuously expand our existing product portfolio. Meeting seemingly impossible challenges is our daily motivation and inspiration. From novel concept to luminaire innovation: a path created by crossing borders.

Zafferano, an Italian company directed by Federico de Majo, has been creating collections of tasting glasses and tableware in glass and porcelain since 2001.

The Italian Kitchen. Equally balancing innovation and self-identity taste, Zampieri’s projects are a rigorous expression of the “Made in Italy” philosophy. The attention and carefulness put in the manufacturing of the product are conveyed through the quality of the materials used, the tailoring, the high standard craftsmanship, and a constant and meticulous quality control throughout the whole production process.

The simple although contemporary style, the capability to meet the needs of retailers and interior designers and the creativity and exclusivity that distinguish our products allow us to create a range embracing every consumer’s taste.

Since 2000 the company has begun to look at the contemporary market, starting the new challenge with the Atlantique Collection, a patented project, archetype for a new product line, and addressing the new challenges imposed by the new market of the contemporary style, keeping the distance from an elitist minimalism. A proposal that in the recent years has been extended with the Contemporary and Modern collections, in order to offer a heterogeneous home design proposal that amplifies the versatility of the collection, from the living room to the dining area to the bedrooms, including a wide range of items that share the uniqueness of the project but different for purpose of use. A complete line of home furnishings, marked by a strong sense of international taste in which quality plays a decisive role, and that speaks a strong and rigorous language: decorative objects declined in all variables for a timeless elegance.
ZAVA was founded in 1982 from the creativity and visionary energy of Franco Zavarise. The company work metal defining its history year after year, thanks to the handcraft skills, strongly connected to a continuous technological innovation that contribute ZAVA was founded in 1982 from the creativity and visionary energy of Franco Zavarise. The company work metal defining its history year after year, thanks to the handcraft skills, strongly connected to a continuous technological innovation that contribute ZAVA was founded in 1982 from the creativity and visionary energy of Franco Zavarise. The company work metal defining its history year after year, thanks to the handcraft skills, strongly connected to a continuous technological innovation that contribute

Experience accrued over time, thanks to unwavering commitment and dedication on the part of the Salvadori family and the sense of belonging to the skilled craftsmen who have contributed towards creating the typical know-how culture Made in Italy, has led us to celebrate our 50th anniversary. An achievement that is also a new departure point, because we continue to wake up every day with the desire to experiment with the best solutions to support your well-being.

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